It is a time of song and legend. A hundred years have passed since the defeat of the Mad King, the demigod that terrorized Fuin ‘Yaana for a millennium. Upon awakening from their millennium-year long slumber, the Gods smote the King and his daemonic legions with the aid of their children, the world’s mortal races: The courageous Humans, the diverse Great Lizards, the dutiful Sulian Elves, the charismatic Angelis and the intelligent Saeryen. A thousand years of darkness came to an end through the sacrifices of the mortal races and the blessing of their deities. The future is ominous and the chosen of the Gods have passed away. New heroes must rise to protect Fuin ’Yaana, lest the deeds of their forebearers be forgotten, and the world is sunk into a new age of war and misery.

Welcome to a Dark Fantasy campaign set in the world created by the players of Ao’s Chosen. It will be ran in the style of D&D, albeit using a variation of the AGE system of the Dragon Age RPG. I have based it off AGE: Eberron, which can be read here:

DARPG: Heroes of Fuin Yaana.