Gods and Religion

The main Pantheon worshiped by the inhabitants of Fuin ’Yaana are the children of Ao, who is omnipresent, omniscient yet takes no actions Himself, nor does He seek the love of mortals.

It is whispered amongst some that Gods can die, and indeed some have. It is said that Kaminari-Dai, the Goddess that created the temporal phenomena of Fuin ’Yaana’s atmosphere met such a fate, along with a handful of other Gods.

Presented here are those Gods that make their actions known to Fuin ’Yaana and what lies beyond.

Vaylen, the Light

There is no God more loved, more worshiped, more exalted in the hearts of mortals than Vaylen. He embodies goodness in every form it can take. He is a noble defender of everything righteous and honorable; radiant in aspect, merciful to all beings, but willing to fight to set straight what is twisted. He created Terra and the City of Light to provide the mortals a paradise to inhabit and with His blessing it prospered. When the Age of Blood began, the City defended itself in His name for a thousand years straight, the citizens not faltering once in their duty. When the Gods awoke, Vaylen visited His city personally and gave its defenders hope in the form of Light magic, which allowed them to fight back against their daemonic foe. The City’s armies have borne the Sun-God’s symbol ever since. Statues devoted to His eternal glory can be seen on every Human city, town or settlement. To curse His name is to invite damnation and ruin. Mortals portray Him as a naked human male, holding a shield in one hand and a sun-shaped orb in the other.

Denziroh, the Mad

It is said that Denziroh created magic itself long ago, when wine did not even exist as an idea in the minds of men. He is a capricious God, prone to mischief and known to be unpredictable, but He never truly means ill. Also known as the Heart of the Grape, Denziroh created the Human race in His image, making them unpredictable and leaving them to choose their own fate. Perhaps most importantly of all, Denziroh gave Man wine, a mystical liquid known for its magical properties. It allowed mages to take their rightful place in the world and it brought their downfall when the Mad King invited the daemons and devils of the Abyssal Cavern to the side of the living. When Denziroh awoke, His first act was to take vengeance on the Mad King, forcing him to leave Synaxis. Ever since, the city has become the center of the God’s worship, with the High Priest of Denziroh being the highest authority in the city. In modern times, Denziroh has cast a part of himself onto Fuin ‘Yaana to combat the rising threat of the Lichlord Yaal’than. This facet of Denziroh is known as Siduri. It has taken the form of a beautiful Northern female, and along with Her cult, she has began to move against the necromancer. Whether She will be successful remains to be seen. Denziroh is usually depicted as a humanoid figure made out of grapevines.

Elghinn, the Reaper

Elghinn is credited with creating the afterlife that all living creatures are destined to visit. Both paradise and hell are his domains, and each serves its purpose without fail. Elghinn is not a very popular God, His name whispered only by crones, those who tend to the dead and assassins. This is because Elghinn has, unlike most of His brethren, taken a very neutral stance on creation. For one, He was the only God not to actively move against the Mad King. Worse, He is also the one responsible for the plague that necromancy has become. However, He is also the creator of the Reborn, who are becoming an important factor in repopulating Fuin’Yaana. In the end, the aspirations of Elghinn are known only by Him. Mortals depict Him as a skeletal thin elf, wrapped in tattered robes, carrying a sickle or scythe.

Alaerys, the Dragonmother

Most consider Alaerys to be strange and enigmatic. She only commands true respect from her children, the Saeryen. She created the floating mountains of Exerae so that they could live upon them, gave them her 7 Tenets and created their Great University, forming the basis of their society. However, Alaerys is so focused on her children that the rest of the world has barely felt her touch. An exception to this is Her creation of the Dragons, a massive race of great winged lizards which are driven to combat evil wherever it is found. They helped turn the tide against the forces of the Mad King during the end of the Age of Blood, beating the daemonic army besieging Avalon and later assisting the Wardens of Exerae in defeating the King in his own fortress in the North. Despite this, Alaerys is considered to be strange in that she does not desire to be worshiped. This puzzled the Humans and Lizards of the City of Light, whose lives were centered around the veneration of the Gods. Thus, Alaerys remains beloved only by Her people and the Angelis to a lesser extent. She is usually depicted as a dragon with obsidian scales.

Kwen, the Father

Compared to other Gods, Kwen is considered to be modest and humble, a trait often shared by his children, the Great Lizards. Kwen’s wrath is seldom roused. He is a stoic, fatherly figure who guides his followers with a gentle hand. Even though the Lizards have adopted Human culture as their own, they have not forgotten their creator. Kwen is the only God to be worshiped more than Vaylen within the City of Light. His followers build no temples to his name, nor do they devote songs and liturgies to His glory. Kwen desires only that his devotees lead a good life without hurting the integrity of others, but He also wishes that they uphold all that is good and banish all that is evil. This tenet has been exploited by the City’s priests, who are responsible for raising the City’s armies. Kwen is usually depicted as a rock from which a plant springs.

Voleune, the Shadow

Voleune is a figure both feared and loved. She created Fuin ‘Yaana with strands of her hair an and set it to orbit around the sun, Lxi. Voleune created the Tenders of Fuin ’Yaana, twelve maidens made of the Goddess’s own blood, to protect the world and everything that lives upon it. They played a critical role in defeating the Mad King, sealing his soul for all eternity, then disappearing into the night once more. They have not been seen since. Voleune also created the continent of Oira ’Malos, or the Eastern Continent as it is known to Men. Its glades and forests were made to be the home of Her mortal children, the Sulian Elves. She rewarded them for surviving the Age of Blood with the magical fortress, Helke ’Arta, which has become their racial capital. Voleune is also the one that inspired The Game, so that peace would not make Her children complacent. Voleune is depicted as a pale skinned woman with long flowing black hair, Her form hidden behind a deep, dark blue cloak studded with diamonds.

Iyav, the Perfectionist

Very little is known about this God by the mortal races of Fuin ’Yaana. It appears that It has crafted a realm of Its own in the cold heart of the Void. Whether Its intents are malicious or benevolent is yet unclear. It is not depicted in any form, as it does not currently have mortal followers of any kind.

Lxi, the Dreamer

Lxi is the Goddess that created time, sound, the study of mathematics and the Angelis race. Vaylen named the Sun after Her, and the two are known to share a very deep love for each other. All Angelis adore their creator, but unbeknownst to them, this is part of their genetic makeup. Despite being a mostly benevolent Goddess, Lxi has also made it so that Angelis of a lower caste cannot disobey the commands of their superiors. This means that the wishes of the Autarch, their society’s leaders must be obeyed. The isolationist policies of the former Autarch made the Angelis abstain from the war until it came to their very doorstep. The new Autarch, Irapet, is trying to find a way to reverse this. His decision to allow the Angelis immigrate to other parts of Fuin ’Yaana is a part of these efforts. Lxi is depicted as a woman with white hair, with one green and one blue eye.

Savvas, the Monster

Like Iyav, very little is known about this God, save that he created the daemons and devils that almost brought life on Fuin ’Yaana to an abrupt end. Cults devoted to Savvas have sprung everywhere after the Age of Blood. His followers depict him as an ornate, golden mask.

Two new Gods have been created, Nerkath and Genaros. Their purpose is unknown.

Gods and Religion

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