The Protectorate of Wine

The Protectorate of Wine
Total Population: 20 million
Spoken languages: Synaxian, various Human dialects, Common
System of government: Theocracy/Anarchy
Total military forces: 120.000
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

“Pass the goblets, light the fires and bring forth those who have insulted our Lord Denziroh with their blasphemous deeds. This shall be a night to remember.”
Denerius, High Priest of Denziroh, a few seconds before the beginning of the Purge.


Alternatively known as the Hundred Cities or Denziroh’s Pleasure-House, the Protectorate of Wine is a Human theocracy created by the City of Light to both stabilize the Southern continent, which had been notoriously disunited in the past, and as an attempt to bolster its own might as in reality the Protectorate is oathbound to declare war on any of the City’s enemies. Although the South does not possess the numbers of its overlord or the martial tradition of the North, it monopolizes the trade of wine and that alone makes the nation strong even in an age where political power is measured in soldiers. Much like the Coalition of the Northern States, the Protectorate is not a fully independent realm and until recently, it heavily depended on the City for protection. Unlike the other two Human realms, the Protectorate clings to its old roots. Its citizens throw frivolous parties as if the Age of Blood never affected them, even as crime, sedition and lawlessness weaken the young nation. With no immediate foe on the horizon, they are free to throw indulge in what appears to be a nation-wide escapist fantasy.

The Protectorate is predominantly populated by Humans. Other races, most notably the Great Lizards, are often treated as second-class citizens and even though slavery was abolished by Denziroh Himself, their trafficking has become a major source of profit for the many criminal cartels that thrive in the lawlessness that the Protectorate embraces. Aside from the illegal sale of slaves, unregulated wine production and necromancy are constant thorns in the Priesthood’s side. Although the Priests of Denziroh do control their realm as the Foteinei of the City of Light do, their grip is far lighter than that of their counterparts in Terra. There is no true law in the Protectorate, only ancient traditions and polite suggestions that one may or may not follow. Punishment is usually distributed either by the offended or the mob, usually in creative forms such as boiling the offender in wine, or lashing them to death with thorned vines. Many times however, a crime might go unpunished or noticed but not punished. The only misdeed that no Man of the South would forgive, whether they are a criminal or an upstanding citizen, is the practice of necromancy.

Southern society naturally distrusts what they perceive as “witchcraft” due to the harsh rule of the Mad King, who oppressed the people of the Hundred Cities with his endless daemonic legions and appointed magisters. When Denziroh awoke, He punished the King and his minions, mauling his forces and penetrating his heart with a vine. The King’s psychic cry of pain caused every daemon in the South to tremble in fear and confusion. That is when the High Priest of Denziroh whipped the citizens of the city of Synaxis (the King’s center of power) into a frenzy and reclaimed it, before moving on to liberate the rest of the South. This is seen as the birth of what is now the Protectorate of Wine. Shortly after, when Elghinn created the art of necromancy, Denziroh Himself ordered his faithful to hunt down those who took it up within his domain and so began the Purge, the systematic killing of both vile necromancers and innocent mages who were unfortunate enough to be branded as heretics by the mob. The City watched passively as thousands of mortal sorcerers were put to the torch, its legions doing nothing to stop the contagious frenzy that had overtaken the Protectorate. Even a century after this incident, the South is well-hated by those who survived the Purge, especially those necromancers who traveled North and bolstered the ranks of Yaal’than’s army.

Today, the Protectorate is locked in what appears a downward spiral that may lead to its fracturing and eventual demise. Its people remain corrupt and arrogant, feasting and drinking as the name of their god is on their lips, yet there are a myriad of problems that will break the facade. Firstly, civil discontent has spread due to the unfair treatment of the non-Human races. This worsens the rate with which crime increases. Nowhere is this more prevalent than Synaxis, where the rich are segregated from the poor and crime cells and even necromancy cults have sprung up in its rich underworld. The country’s military forces are neither well-equipped nor trained, with many defecting to the side of the criminals they are supposed to fight. This not only undermines the nation’s stability, but it also increases its dependency on the City of Light, as the legions of the 2nd and 5th armies are the ones who police the streets and keep the trade roots safe.

So long as wine flows in the South, so will blood.

The Protectorate of Wine

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